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Life Space Interiors is a full fledged interior fit out company capable of providing clients with full turnkey interior solutions, we provide unparalleled services to corporates, hotels retail and developers. 

Our services are built around three core principles: integrity, personalized services and excellence. Led by a multi-disciplined team comprising of creative and innovative interior experts. 

We plan, and build with superior quality to the highest standards using the latest construction and manufacturing technology..



Our fit out and refurbishment services are focused on Client led schemes to enhance and refresh property portfolio to satisfy current market trends.

This unique offering of such a diverse range of services ensures that our clients receive the most professional management and co-ordination from start to finish.

We embrace projects with challenging circumstances and understand the financial and time constraints imposed on clients today.


Our approach to every project is to adapt and align our strategy to achieve the client and end user goals. With the integration of our people, skills, and processes we aim to ensure client satisfaction and pride ourselves on our portfolio of repeat business clients.



Ammar Sharaf- (CEO)
Viola Communications

“We at Viola Communications strive to craft innovative solutions that go above and beyond the expectations of the marketplace. We value creativity that has the power to transform industry standards; approaching the like minded design company, Life Space Interiors, in order to translate our company values into an interior design solution was a sound choice. Life Space Interiors partnered with the internationally recognized design team, - M N Architecture – to propose an office design solution that demonstrated ingenuity, craftsmanship and forward thinking. Their ideas were realized with great attention to detail and safe management of the project through the construction process. The final result is a fresh, playful and open-concept space complete with circular offices, a lunchroom inspired by Tetris and a conference room where the concept of conventional chairs has been promoted to a set of brightly coloured swings. The expectations for the new Viola Communications head office were truly exceeded.”

Lorenzo Zoli, architect PhD- (Managing Director)
M+N Architecture

“As an international design consultancy firm, M+N Architecture has always been focused on original designs, aimed at accommodating Client’s requirements and setting new benchmarks of quality and innovation. To achieve this in the reality of the construction site and the completed project it is necessary to work with a Contractor with strong project management skills, able to find clever and cost-effective solutions to site problems and constraints and truly dedicated to quality; we found all such characteristics in Life Space Interiors. We have been working together on several projects and, thanks to their ability to support us during both, the design stage and the construction stage, we are very satisfied with the outstanding results we achieved as a team, in terms of timely completion, adherence to project’s specifications and budget and overall final quality.


Life Space Interior Design

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